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Enhanced Behavioral Health Overlay Services

HomeSafe operates a long-term, twelve-bed Enhance Behavioral Health Overlay Service (BHOS) group home at its Sylvester Family Campus, serving adolescent boys (ages 13- 17) with a combination of emotional and behavioral problems. Group care services are offered in an intensive and community-based residence. BHOS is an appropriate “step up” from a less restrictive placement, or a “step down” from residential treatment, or an alternative placement when appropriate level of care is not available.

BHOS offers clinical assessments and treatment for at-risk youth who have an ICD-9 diagnosis and demonstrated impairment in psychosocial functioning.

Services included in the BHOS program design are:

  • 24/7 counseling and support
  • behavior management and strategies
  • independent living skills
  • clinical treatment
  • mentoring
  • crisis management

BHOS clients attend public school, or participate in a GED program, and are expected to spend a significant amount of time in the community participating in suitable recreational, social, and cultural activities and events.

The goal of the program and services is to maximize strengths through positive experiences and reduce the incidence and frequency of behavior problems through gradual achievement of treatment goals and a predictable, consistent environment. Adolescents will also learn how to navigate and network in the community, build a community-based support network and experience vocational and/or academic success. They may remain in the program until a less restrictive alternative placement is found or until an aftercare plan is devised for a transition to independent living.

Eligibility criteria includes adolescents (ages 13-17):

  • with mental health and/or behavioral issues not related to serious cognitive or developmental disabilities
  • who have reached maximum benefit from a more restrictive setting or who have been unsuccessful in a less restrictive setting
  • with delinquency involvement
  • for whom long term group care may be more appropriate than foster care, and who will most likely transition to independent living


Learn more about HomeSafe’s Residential Group Care programs by contacting Nancy Hennon, Referral Coordinator, at 561-383-9800, x1211 or

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