Linda enrolled in the SafetyNet weekly therapeutic support group after she separated from her abusive husband. He had physically and verbally abused her for almost 12 years before eloping with her best friend. Linda decided to get help from SafetyNet for her and her teenage daughter, Jennifer. She felt betrayed and emotionally distraught from the abuse.

In the beginning, Linda was quiet and did not discuss her situation. After several sessions, she grew more comfortable and began to open up about the abuse she had experienced. Linda became a source of support to many other group members, and they watched her heal through self-reflection and internal processing.

Because of her positive change and ability to help others, Linda was chosen to speak at the program’s holiday party and share her compelling story of strength and empowerment. Jennifer also became a role model for the other teens in her group, encouraging them to express themselves and work through their trauma.

After 18 months, mother and daughter graduated from the SafetyNet program. They both are planning for happy, violence-free futures.




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