Fourteen-year-old Josue arrived at HomeSafe Boys in April 2013 as an angry young man. His volatile, threatening behavior caused ongoing problems at school and with HomeSafe staff. He was later placed in a more restrictive program and eventually went to live with his sister, but their relationship quickly deteriorated.

At that point, Josue decided he wanted to return to HomeSafe Boys. He was now three years older and had outgrown his disruptive behavior, but he was failing school. Life Skills Coordinator Mr. Eric stepped in to help Josue develop a transition plan that placed him in an adult education program and set him on a path to slow, but steady progress.

Josue’s success enabled him to gain acceptance into HomeSafe’s new independent living program upon aging out of HomeSafe Boys in April 2017. After a few months of being on his own, Josue is still in school and working part time.




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