What is HomeSafe?
HomeSafe is a results-driven non-profit organization with a major focus on helping victims of child abuse and domestic violence through prevention and intervention programs.

Why are kids sent to HomeSafe?
Most kids have been severely physically or sexually abused, or abandoned by their parents. These children have been subjected to unthinkable, horrific acts… such as traumatizing rapes, beatings, cuts, bruises and broken bones – as well as major emotional trauma and abandonment issues.

How many people does HomeSafe serve?
Well over 14,000 (fourteen thousand) people each year, including infants, children and families.

What geographic areas does HomeSafe serve?
Palm Beach County and South Florida.

How many locations/facilities does HomeSafe have?
Five, along with HomeSafe employees making thousands of hospital and home visits.

How long has HomeSafe been in existence?
HomeSafe was founded in 1979.

How many employees?
To serve the more than 14,000 infants, children and families each year, HomeSafe employs over 130 employees. If additional funding was available, HomeSafe would benefit from additional staff to meet the strong, growing demand for HomeSafe services.

What are HomeSafe’s Programs?

Residential Group Care 
HomeSafe has three campuses where kids (age 8 – 17) live full-time and receive comprehensive therapeutic services to treat severe trauma caused by abuse.

HomeSafe’s SafetyNet program provides progressive intervention and prevention services for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Healthy Beginnings
HomeSafe administers the Healthy Beginnings program created by the Children’s Services Council. HomeSafe is responsible for providing assessment, navigation and referral services to children and families in Palm Beach County. Each year, HomeSafe serves newborns to five-year-olds, as well as their parents.

How has the economy impacted fundraising efforts?
Like other non-profit organizations, due to the economy HomeSafe faces challenges to maintain funding for its vital programs and services – as well as its general operating budget. HomeSafe’s goal is to secure financial support that maintains critical programs while simultaneously growing endowments that ensure the future of results-focused programs and services. This is why it’s especially important for the community to support HomeSafe.

Brief sampling of the most basic – but necessary – expenses at HomeSafe…

Monthly grocery bill to feed HomeSafe Safe kids: over $8,000 monthly

Psychiatric Care: approximately $3,450 monthly

Comprehensive Independent Living Services: $10,000 monthly

Recreational/Social Development Activities: approx. $3,600 monthly

Basic Medical Supplies: approximately $1,200 monthly

General Supplies (toilet paper, school and cleaning products): approx. $3,800 monthly

Basic utilities (electric, sewer, water): approximately $12,000 monthly

Insurance (property, general liability, auto): approximately $12,000 monthly

Basic Maintenance/Repair of Facilities and Vans: approximately $10,700 monthly

Safety Net anti-domestic violence program (i.e. individual therapy, child care, food, crisis intervention triage, therapeutic art and gardening activities, 24/7 on- call Hotline): approximately $4,167 monthly

These examples don’t even begin to touch upon the exorbitant costs of services crucial to the healthy development of children, as well as other common costs required to ensure the successful operation of HomeSafe.