Since 1979, HomeSafe has been a nationally accredited non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Palm Beach County’s and South Florida’s most vulnerable residents – victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

Our mission: Creating safer, more productive lives for infants, children, young adults and families.

Through our results-driven approach, we’ve grown into a leading provider of prevention and intervention services, serving more than 14,500 infants, children, young adults, and families each year.

Our Comprehensive Programs

Today, we offer a variety of comprehensive programs, including:

  • Healthy Beginnings – Funded by Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, this program is focused on:
    • Identifying and preventing child abuse and neglect
    • Promoting healthy births
    • Ensuring children are reaching their developmental milestones and are ready for Kindergarten
  • Residential Group Care – Provides abused children with comprehensive therapeutic services to treat severe trauma
  • SafetyNet – Provides immediate intervention and prevention services to victims of domestic violence and their children
  • Independent Living Housing Program (Pond Place) – This program provides safe, affordable housing for clients who have “aged out” of foster care.